Gulmohar Mehandi/ Henna oil

All woman loves Mehndi, and come to think of it, one of the reasons why women absolutely love the festive and wedding season is because of the chance to show off lovely and creative mehndi designs.

Though you may be in love with decorating your hands and feet with mehndi, you probably are not aware of the many benefits of mehndi oil.
Mehandi leaves contain a natural acid called hennotannic acid also known as Lawsone is a red-orange dye present in the leaves of the henna plant.

It is the acid that works as a dye in mehndi. This acid does not dissolve in water and therefore, you will not be able to get a rich and
lustrous colour when you make a paste of mehndi leaves with henna water, you need mehndi oil.

Mehandi oil with high levels of terpenes, especially monoterpene alcohols, helps to ensure that your mehndi stains darker.
Once made in a paste with mehandi leaves and you will see the dye being released, by adding a small amount of the mehndi oil to the paste.
This helps the dye from the henna produce a dark stain that makes your tattoo or mehndi design look gorgeous. Its stains are extremely eye-catching.

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